How to avoid dry scalp

How to avoid dry scalpHuman beings love beauty. Hair is very important when it comes to helping an individual improve his or her look. That is why you will find most people spending good amount of their time and money caring for their hair. Hair has lots of problems and good care must be taken to avoid hair from developing any of those problems. Some of these problems such as dry scalp will lead to your päänahan kutina or scalp itching something that you would not like to experience. There are many ways to avoid having dry scalp. Some of these methods of avoiding dry scalp are discussed below.

Avoid using scalding water. Using hot water although have the benefit of killing bacteria, it is not good for your scalp. When used often, it will lead to drying out of scalp surface. You should use water at room temperature to wash your hair. More and more people are also using shampoo to wash their hair. Shampoo should only be used in the right amount. Using too much shampoo causes dry scalp. You should also use shampoo at most three times a week. When rinsing the shampoo use lukewarm water. Lukewarm water also helps in preserving curls if you have curly hair.

Although it is a common practice for individuals to blow dry their hair after washing, it is not advisable. Using hot styling rods is also not advisable. If you avoid using these two, you will help you hair retain more moisture. This will avoid the hair from drying. Look for professional hair stylist who do not use blow dry. Lastly, you can avoid making your scalp dry by avoiding harsh temperatures. The best way to do this is by wearing a hat when you go out in sunny weather. You should also avoid over heating your room during cold weather. Heat leads to your scalp itching and emitting dry flakes.


Tips to Avoid a Dry Scalp

Tips to Avoid a Dry ScalpHaving a dry scalp means having dry hair. Therefore, if you want your hair to look good, healthy and shiny, there is a need to focus on your scalp. While there are products and treatments available nowadays that provides solution to this problem, it is still very important to implement methods of doing so without too much reliance on commercial products. For example, in order to keep your hair and scalp healthy, there is a need to take a shower regularly. Bathing and cleansing removes dirt in your scalp and hair. This prevents accumulation of dirt which will cause dryness of your scalp.

While doing so, it is recommended to use organic and natural hair products, instead of commercial ones which are made of strong chemicals. These chemicals are often the cause of unhealthy scalp, which also contributes to having a dry hair. These organic products are also stuffed with ingredients that nourish your scalp. It is also important to rinse off hair products after using. Though they may be made from natural substances, leaving them on will still cause dryness in the scalp. It may even result to dandruff when uncontrolled.

The traditional solution of combing your hair frequently still works wonders down to this day. Aside from giving your hair natural shine, it also allows the production of more essential oils on your scalp, thus, preventing it from getting dry. Also, it causes the removal of dirt that is trapped on the shafts of the hair. And of course, combing your hair regularly will give you a presentable and clean looking crown of beauty. This calls for the need to use a clean comb and other hair accessories. Oftentimes, a dirty comb which has been passed from one person to another may be the cause of the problem. Avoiding these things will help you achieve a healthy scalp, thus a healthy hair


DRY SCALPDry hair automatically leads to dehydrated scalp, a very uncomfortable condition. Dry scalp is always itchy and initiates the urge to scratch your head frequently. Unfortunately this condition is not limited to a certain age group. It cuts across from newborns to the elderly. Most people however confuse dry scalp and dandruff which are very distinct from each other. Due to the frustrations accompanying dry scalp it is important that we understand the underlying causes, remedies and long term effects.

The phrase” prevention is better than cure is used more often than not. However before we jump to preventive measures it is important to understand what causes dry scalp. Majorly this condition is largely attributed to reduction of the required amount of oil in the hair and the scalp area. As such we only need to know what leads to loss of oil in the human hair. First skin conditions like eczema can lead dry scalp. In addition use of unfriendly shampoos or hair treatments with high chemical content is also known to interfere with the essential hair oils. Also you might be over using shampoos, remember too much of something is dangerous. Hard water and poor eating habits may also dehydrate your scalp.

So what are the remedies to dry itchy scalp? Most important ensure you are healthy and free of any infections that may cause your scalp to dry and remove flakes. Use shampoos with low chemical content and are recommended for the type of hair you have. Remember we all have unique type of hair hence choose what suits you best. Wash your scalp using low mineral content water, hard water kills natural hair oils and eventually the skin dries and flakes off. Good nutrition plays a key role in nurturing your scalp, since sebaceous glands need nutrients like fatty acids and vitamin B to function properly. Other things to avoid so as to maintain a healthy hair scalp include, excess alcohol, and stress. Lastly note that healthy scalp brings a sense of comfort, freshness and confidence therefore take the necessary measures to prevent your scalp from drying and even having your hair fall off.

Dry scalp- causes and treatments

Dry scalp- causes and treatmentsScalp is an extension of your hair and therefore it may have dermatogical problems like flaking, drying, rashes and scaling. Dry scalp or kuiva päänahka  is the starting point of many conditions of the scalp. It is a condition when the moisture of the scalp starts reducing and which leads to flaky and itchy scalp. If the problem persists, it can lead to worsening of the condition further and requires meditation.

The main cause of dry scalp is due to over stripping of the natural oils and when there is very less moisture in your scalp. The natural oils in your scalp and hair are produced by the sebaceous glands. This oil protects your hair from harm and irritants. But with the use of harsh hair/beauty products or shampoos, this protective oil is stripped which may cause your scalp to become dry. Sometimes even allergic reaction to chemical or product can also be a cause for dry scalp. Unhealthy diets are also one of the causes of scalp to dry.

Dry scalp can be treated carefully and you should not use harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate and sodium beryl sulfate. You should not pick or scratch your scalp and you can treat your scalp with the help of natural treatments and home remedies. These are inexpensive, safe and incredibly effective. These treatments will help you to restore back the natural oils of your hair and scalp and can also reverse the damages of the scalp.

The natural treatments include ingredients like neem and tea tree oil as these have antiseptic properties. Other ingredients for avoiding dry scalp are the use of chamomile, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and coconut oil. You can combine these ingredients to treat your scalp and to avoid further drying of your scalp. These ingredients are free from chemicals and gives quick relief along with thick and healthy hair.