Dry scalp- causes and treatments

Dry scalp- causes and treatmentsScalp is an extension of your hair and therefore it may have dermatogical problems like flaking, drying, rashes and scaling. Dry scalp or kuiva päänahka  is the starting point of many conditions of the scalp. It is a condition when the moisture of the scalp starts reducing and which leads to flaky and itchy scalp. If the problem persists, it can lead to worsening of the condition further and requires meditation.

The main cause of dry scalp is due to over stripping of the natural oils and when there is very less moisture in your scalp. The natural oils in your scalp and hair are produced by the sebaceous glands. This oil protects your hair from harm and irritants. But with the use of harsh hair/beauty products or shampoos, this protective oil is stripped which may cause your scalp to become dry. Sometimes even allergic reaction to chemical or product can also be a cause for dry scalp. Unhealthy diets are also one of the causes of scalp to dry.

Dry scalp can be treated carefully and you should not use harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate and sodium beryl sulfate. You should not pick or scratch your scalp and you can treat your scalp with the help of natural treatments and home remedies. These are inexpensive, safe and incredibly effective. These treatments will help you to restore back the natural oils of your hair and scalp and can also reverse the damages of the scalp.

The natural treatments include ingredients like neem and tea tree oil as these have antiseptic properties. Other ingredients for avoiding dry scalp are the use of chamomile, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and coconut oil. You can combine these ingredients to treat your scalp and to avoid further drying of your scalp. These ingredients are free from chemicals and gives quick relief along with thick and healthy hair.


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